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Size: 10.1″
CPU: CortexM4
Resolution: 1024×600 (16:9)
Interface: RS232/RS485/TTL/USB
Viewing Area (mm): 222.7*125.3
Brightness(cd/m²): 300; 500;1000

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STVC101WT-01 TFT display Description:

STONE provides customers with Intelligent HMI solutions. The intelligent TFT LCD module with a Cortex-M4 32-bit CPU can be controlled by any MCU via simple Hex Instruction through the UART port.
STVC101WT-01 TFT LCD module consists of a CPU, TFT drives, flash memory, UART port, power supply, etc. STONE also provides a basic control program and powerful design software (STONE TOOL Box). You can use it to set various functions on the graphical user interface, such as text, figures, curve, image switching, keyboard, progress bar, the slider, dial-up, clock and touch button, data storage, the USB download, video, and audio.
It is very easy for engineers to develop the TFT-LCD color user interface and touch control functions, which can reduce a lot of development time and cost.

STVC101WT-01 LCD display screen dimensional drawing:


STONE TOOL Box(GUI Design software):

STONE TOOLBox (software)

— Free and easy to use STONE TOOL Box software
— property value components that can be allocated at run time
— Drag-and-drop components for GUI design and interaction
— built-in debugger for HMI project emulation


•  Cortex m4 CPU

•  UART interface (RS232/RS485/TTL)

•  256-byte register

•  128 kb variable memory

•  128 MB flash memory

•  GUI design software

•  Customized command set

•  Support backlight brightness adjustment, automatic standby screen saver function;

•  Support external matrix keyboard;

•  The industry’s leading anti-electromagnetic radiation index, help you easily cope with Class B;

•  Support hardware JPG decoding, storage more efficient, faster display;

•  Support audio, video playback;

•  Support software 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270-degree screen rotation, adjust the appropriate visual Angle;

Civil series STVC101WT-01 display module Simple instruction:

1. Create a graphic user interface (GUI). We will provide you a very powerful and simple GUI design software—STONE TOOL Box. You can use it to create your own interface by using any .jpg/.bmp format image.
2. Assign the different variable memory addresses for the different function block-like data display, text display, or variable icons, to make sure the variable value can be stored and assigned.
3. Connect your display with your controller via the RS232/RS485/TTL interface.
4. Program your controller with any language to send the hex command sets to the display, read/write the variable memory, or register values.

STONE LCD display module Application sample:

For example:
display the English and number “VIEW 123
The UART sends command: A5 5A 0A 82 01 40 56 49 45 57 31 32 33


A5 5A: Frame head
0A: command byte length, 82 01 40 56 49 45 57 31 32 33 is 10 bytes (without frame header)
82: write variable register command
01 40: Variable address, set in control properties
56 49 45 57 31 32 33: Data content, ASCII code for “VIEW 123”

Package Including:

1 * STONE Intelligent HMI Touch Screen Display Module
2 * Transfer board
2 * 8 pin terminal block
2 * 20mm long cable
1 * U disk
1 * USB cable
1 * LED strip control DEMO  (Click to view the project development notes)

STONE authentication and documentation:

– software
– instruction set
– editorial guide
– CE certification
– ROHS certification
– ISO9001 certification
– FC certification


1.  5-YEAR Warranty Period
Replace by a brand-new Unconditionally

2.  customizable service.
a. Customize TFT-LCD Module according to the customer’s requirement.
b. Develop the customization function.
c. Optional resolution
d. Optional luminance

Optional UART interface type (RS232/RS485/TTL)
Optional touch control type (resistive/capacitive/non-touch)

Something you may need to know before using our product

Q: What interface do you support?

A: Our products provide RS232&USB by default, some models support modifying RS232 to RS485 or TTL.

Q: What kind of cables do you provide?

A: 8-pin&DB9 cables compatible with the product by default, can be customized according to customer needs.

Q: Do you provide any enclosure?

A: Yes, the enclosure is optional, need to pay separately.

Q: Do your products support non-English fonts?

A: Yes, our products support Unicode, any letters in Unicode can display properly.

For more questions please directly contact our technicians for more details.


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